RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control

Call for ITC conference grants is open: for early career researchers from Inclusive Target Countries to disseminate their research on RNA communication. Rolling deadline read more here: https://exrnapath.eu/itc-call/

Call for Short term training missions in RNA communication is open (Deadline March 1). Great opportunity for students & postdocs to spend time in other labs to learn new techniques and build collaborations. Read more here: https://exrnapath.eu/stsm-grant/

Someone pinch me...did I just sign the licensing agreement for #MISEV?? Huge thanks to Josh Welsh, Deborah Goberdhan, Lorraine O'Driscoll, Clotilde Théry, the ISEV board past and present, and of course all of you zany EV enthusiasts for getting us *this close* to publication!…

Short term training mission calls now open for Cost Action on RNA communication (deadline Dec 1) - excellent opportunity for early career researchers to gain training in other labs and for collaborations on exRNA in Europe: https://exrnapath.eu/stsm-grant/

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