exRNA PATH Annual Meeting - Turin 2022

We are a group of scientists and innovators who share interests in understanding extracellular RNA across diverse biological systems and harnessing its potential in medicine and agriculture. We are also interested in science communication and public dialogue around RNA and are always seeking new members to bring diversity to the Action. Our activities are broken down into the following working groups:

WG 1 Molecular entities of exRNA communication across diverse biological systems

WG 2 Functional units and mode of actions of exRNA in communication

WG 3 Interfering strategies in exRNA communication: translational applications

WG 4 Dissemination & outreach

Our Action is primarily made of people located in COST member countries however we also welcome international participation.

For the latest membership, see here:

Interested in joining – you can apply to join here and we will be in touch within 3 weeks of receiving your application.