WG 4

Working Group Description

Number WG4
Title Dissemination & outreach
Leader Guy Smagghe (GS)
Rationale & Objectives
A third strategic pillar of our exRNA-PATH initiative, next to excellence in science and translation from research to application, is the open science ideology. A main goal of the WG4 is to create visibility and broad acceptance of exRNA-PATH in the scientific community, industry, and in the open public by executing miscellaneous outreach activities. WG4 will disseminate the exRNA-PATH goals and socio- economic impact, which will leverage breakthrough developments in the field and accelerate the competitiveness of European researchers and industry (C-SOB3). For this, WG4 will engage in implementing research achievements into outreach activities to foster scientific collaborations, education programmes and policies (C-SOB4).
Tasks & Activities
·     Implement the stakeholder engagement strategy and the plan for dissemination and exploitation as defined and updated by the Action MC.
·     Run public internet sites at the exRNA-PATH webpage, evaluate websites and social media indicators.
·     Oversee design and production of dissemination materials, coordinate promotional activities for workshops/conferences to ensure broad participation of the open public, industry, politicians.
·     Organize public lectures, school visits and participate in science festivals to disseminate on exRNAPATH goals and socio-economic impact with the widest community.
·     Organise 2 WG meetings per year (online or in-person), 1 mid-term review.
·     Organize a final exRNA-PATH conference at the end of the action.
Execution & Membership
·     Scientists with expertise in community/citizen engagement.
·     At least one member of each WG1, 2, 3 to serve as liaison officer with their corresponding WGs to ensure effective communication.
Milestones (M) & Deliverables (D)
M7 Release public sites of the exRNA-PATH webpage to advertise achievements, activities and to attract new members and stakeholders.
M8 Release a road map on dissemination and outreach activities in exRNA-PATH.
M2 The mid-term review to map progress of WG4.
D8 Release press articles and newsletters on ongoing activities of exRNA-PATH.
D9 Publish abstract books/proceedings of workshops and conferences that exRNA-PATH will organize.