RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control

Short term training mission calls now open for Cost Action on RNA communication (deadline Dec 1) - excellent opportunity for early career researchers to gain training in other labs and for collaborations on exRNA in Europe: https://exrnapath.eu/stsm-grant/

We’re excited to share a new preprint from the lab! Spearheaded by @arianemandl in a great collaboration with @AmeresSL and Meinrad Busslinger @IMPvienna
Check out Ariane’s thread and the manuscript ()

Well, this is pretty cool 😎

👉#ExtracellularVesicles are the main contributor to the non-#viral protected extracellular sequence space


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Honoured to present, as both Keynotes & Invited Talk, our EVIC ⁦@IrishResearch⁩ & ⁦@CluB_Cancer1⁩ #extracellular vesicles #EVs cancer research at ⁦@karolinskainst⁩ “EVs: Progress towards Diagnostics & Therapy” ⁦@hea_irl⁩ #NSRPProject ⁦#loveirishresearch

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