Previous workshop on EVs in inter-organismal communication

November 28, 2022
Extracellular Vesicles in Inter-Organismal Communication
Workshop No 3: 30 November 2022, Edinburgh, UK (Hybrid)
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Time (BST), Speaker, Title 

9.15-9.30 Carine de Marcos Welcome & Opening Remarks 

Session 1 . Chair: Paul Birch: EVs across diverse systems and applications
9.30-9.50 Silke Robatzek (P)
The role of bacterial EVs in plant infection 

9.50-10.10 Christian Sanchez Lopez/Antonio Marcilla (P)
Extracellular Vesicles from parasites and plants in  interkingdom communications: examples in liver flukes and  phloem sap. 

10.10-10.30 Stefania Raimondo (H)
Extracellular vesicles from Citrus fruits: intrinsic properties  and therapeutic applications in human health 

10.30-10.50 Josh Farley/Carine de  Marcos (P)
The use of plant extracellular vesicles as a drug delivery  system. 

10.50-11.10 BREAK  

Session 2 . Chair: Silke Robatzek : EVs in host pathogens interactions 

11.10-11.30 Paul Birch (P)
The potential role of EVs in Phytophthora infection

11.30-11.50 Henrik Stotz (P)
Evidence for host vesicle trafficking in response to an  apoplastic pathogen 

11.50-12.10 Seomun Kwon (H)
Lost in translation: In search of mRNA effectors in Ustilago  maydis 

12:10-12:30 Arne Weiberg (H)
What is the role of fungal EVs in plant infection? 

12.30-12:50  DISCUSSION 

12:50-13:50 LUNCH BREAK

Session 3 Chair: Pietro Spanu : EVs and inter-organismal RNA 

13:50-14.10 Meenu Singla /Lucia  Bornego (Innes Lab) (H)
Insights into the Nature and Localization of exRNA  likely involved in Interkingdom Communication 

14.10-14.30 Hannah Thieron (P)
Extracellular vesicles in the barley powdery mildew  interaction 

14.30-14:50 Kyriaki Neophytou/ Isaac  Martinez-Ugalde (Buck lab)  (P)
Molecular and evolutionary properties of sRNAs  transmitted from gastrointestinal nematode  Heligmosomoides bakeri 

14:50-15.20 BREAK  

Session 4 Chair: Amy Buck: EVs and inter-organismal RNA 

15.20-15.40 Hailing Jin (P)
Small RNAs from fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea ride in extracellular vesicles to enter plant cells  through clathrin-mediated endocytosis 

15.40-16:00 Will Ledford/Zongyu Gao  (Roth lab) (P)
Evaluating the role of exRNAs and EVs in  arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis  

16.00-16:15 Esther Nolte-t Hoen (H)
Perspective from mammalian EV / exRNA fields

16.15 – 17.00 Discussion