New STSM call announced deadline July 20th 2023

March 29, 2023



The exRNA-PATH COST Action CA20110 “RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control” is happy to announce that an STSM call is now open.

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are exchange visits aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange, supporting individual mobility, and fostering collaborations. Through STSM, the grantee can implement a project with an international team and gain access to specific data, expertise, equipment, and/or methods not available in their own institutions. STSM hosts benefit by receiving an international partner in their institution and can develop long-lasting collaborations.



    • The applicant and the host institution must be in different countries.
    • Minimum duration: 5 working days (excluding travel), maximum duration: 6 months. TheSTSM must end by 01 October 2022.
    • We prioritize this opportunity for Ph.D. candidates or early career post-doctoral researchers and scientists. However, more experienced researchers are also eligible to apply.
    • A grantee may receive only one STSM per Grant Period and may not receive more than one STSM for the same host institution for the duration of the COST Action.


28 April 2023



Grant Awarding Coordinator:
Oznur Tastan
GA Deputy Coordinator:
Arne Weiberg
Action Chair:
Amy Buck
Working Group Leaders:
WG1 Kriton Kalantidis
WG2 Esther Nolte-‘t Hoen
WG3 Lionel Navarro
WG4 Guy Smagghe



The COST user guide details the whole process and how to navigate the e-COST portal:

Before applying, obtain the agreement of the host institution on the work plan and proposed dates by means of an invitation letter signed by a senior member (for example the Head of the hosting laboratory).

  •  Register your STSM request in e-COST:
  •  Provide the following supporting documents:
    • Application form (document available in e-COST) o Curriculum vitae (3 pages maximum)
    • Letter of invitation from the host institution
    • Letter of support from the home institution

The application should clearly indicate:

  • How the STSM will contribute to the goals and objective of the Action.
  • The scientific scope, the relevance and the benefits of the mission for the applicant.
  • The specific reasons for visiting the chosen host institution.
  • Other funding sources contributing to the activity (if relevant).


Up to EUR 4 000 per grant. The grant can contribute to the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence, implementation of the project, and delivery of the report.

Requested funds should be justified and adequate. The STSM committee will decide on the final financial contribution for each STSM, taking into consideration the budget requested, the scope, the duration and the location of the STSM.


If you have any questions please contact the Grant Holder Manager:


The committee will evaluate applications received and STSMs will be awarded based on scientific merit, relevance to the exRNA- PATH Action, feasibility of the mission, the output/outcomes potential of the research carried-out and appropriate scale of funds requested.

Upon approval of the application, the grantee receives a Grant Letter from the Grant Holder stating the approved amount and the conditions for receiving the grant.


Within 30 days of the STSM ending, the grantee must submit in e- COST a detailed report and a letter from the host supervisor confirming the successful execution of the STSM.

The grantee will claim the payment of the grant via e-COST. It will be paid by the Grant Holder (The University of Edinburgh) to the grantee after the completion of the activity and approval of all required documentation.

An STSM grantee may request a pre-payment of up to 50%. The Grant Holder will only approve such requests under special circumstances.

In addition, we may ask you to write a short blog entry for our website or other communication material (e.g. newsletter) to showcase your involvement.


Please also remember that the ITC grants have a rolling deadline and members can apply at any time: